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J.W.Benson Ltd Type 3 Turret Clock 1932 - No 750

Timepiece only with deadbeat escapement and one second pendulum.
This Clock came from the premises of David Thomas Ltd.
It came complete with the dial which instead of having the numerals 1 to 12 it had the name of the company spelt out with Ltd at the 12 O'Clock position.

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W Potts & Sons Ltd, Leeds 1912
Clock came from Messers Jackson & Co (Grocers), Anlaby Road, Hull, Yorkshire.
It was fixed to these premises on 19th September 1912. The building was demolished and the clock was sold in 2002.
The clock is a timepiece only and originally drove a 2' 6" diameter dial glazed with opal glass.
It has a graham deadbeat escapement with a one second pendulum
This is not the correct colour for the frame of this clock but is as I purchased it. This model generally had a Black frame when it left the Potts factory.

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Thwaites & Reed, Clerkenwell 1905

Small Timepiece only with deadbeat escapement and one second pendulum.

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Gillett & Co., Croydon, England, c.1870's

Single train, Graham deadbeat escapement.
This clock uses the exact same frame for the going train and the strike train and the two are linked together by joining plates.

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John Moore & Sons, Clerkenwell 1868

Two train with Dead Beat escapement and maintaining power. Cast Iron bell frame.

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Thwaites & Reed c1880

Large 2 train clock, cast iron frame, dead beat escapement and maintaining power. 1.5 second pendulum and now also fitted wth a compound pendulum. Frame is 43" Wide.

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Gillett & Johnson, Croydon 1906

Single Train clock with one second pendulum, Deadbeat escapement and maintaining power. Serial number 8844.

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W Potts & Sons Ltd, Leeds 1878

Large Three Train clock with one second pendulum, Double Three Legged Gravity escapement and maintaining power. 64"W x 22"H x 26"D.
Complete with original 3' 6" Dial and 3 Bells cast by James Barwell of Birmingham.
This clock was installed in the stable block at Hildenley Hall near Malton in 1878.
Hildenley Hall was one of the residences of the Strickland Family and the clock was ordered by Sir Charles Strickland (7th Baronet). By the time he died in 1909 the house was in poor repair and was demolished shortly afterwards. The Stable block fell into decay in the 1970's but the clock was rescued and taken into private ownership..

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If you know of any interesting Turret Clocks or Electric Master Clocks for sale or to trade please let me know by emailing electric_turret at I am always on the look out for something unusual & will travel throughout the UK and Europe for something special.

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