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Listed below are the museums in Europe that have Turret Clocks as a major part of their displays.

Uhrenmuseum Bad Grund / Harz, Germany
I can personally recommend this museum if you like Turret Clocks. They have a whole floor dedicated to displaying European Turret Clocks and additionally have on display Electric Clocks and other small clocks. It is run by the Berger family and when you have finished viewing the museum be sure to go into the cafe for Tea / Coffee and cake, you won't regret it.
Uhrenmuseum Bad Grund
Elisabethstr. 14
D-37539 Bad Grund

Stuttgarter Turmuhrenmagazin.
This museum is based in an old store for war munitions. It has several floors of Turret clocks on display and is well worth the visit if you are near to Stuttgart. Be warned though that you will need a coat even in summer as the inside of the building is very cold due to the thickness of the walls.
Hans Peter Kuban 
Im Geiger 90
70374 Stuttgart

Museum für Zeit – Pfälzisches Turmuhrenmuseum in Rockenhausen
More than 50 turret clocks as well as floor standing clocks,wall clocks, sand clocks, water clocks and sundials housed in a building especially built for the museum. The entrance to the museum is through a courtyard with a Astronomical Clock at the top of a tower and is very beautiful to see.
Pfälzisches Turmuhrenmuseum
Museum für Zeit
Am Schloss 10
67806 Rockenhausen

If you know of any interesting Turret Clocks or Electric Master Clocks for sale or to trade please let me know by emailing electric_turret at I am always on the look out for something unusual & will travel throughout the UK and Europe for something special.

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